We are Fully Vaxed

by | Dec 31, 2021 | Health and Safety

Protecting you and our community

Since our massage therapists make direct contact with clients for an hour or longer, it was important that all of us at CLM take the necessary precautions to keep our clients and staff as safe as possible.  When you visit us, know that our entire staff is fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

We decided that not only was it important for us to take this step for you, our client, but also to do everything we could to protect our community. There is no greater place to live than in Sylva, NC and we certainly want to do everything in our power to keep our community healthy.

Please note that this does not mean that we are requiring our clients to show proof of vaccination or be vaccinated for COVID-19.  We do ask that all clients follow our COVID guidelines by wearing a face covering and going through our screening process.

Our continued process of sanitary procedures

Our office has a sanitation process that we follow rigorously throughout our workday to ensure that everyone can feel safe with us.

  1. Masks are required for everyone in the building – clients and staff.
  2. Hand sanitizer is in each major room of the office.
  3. Our bathroom is cleaned routinely throughout the day.
  4. Trash is changed regularly.
  5. All staff washing stations have antibacterial soap.
  6. Massage materials are sanitized thoroughly.
  7. Our check-out area is sanitized between client uses.

Questions about our process?

We believe in being as transparent as possible with our clients. Feel free to reach out via our website or Facebook page. If you have specific questions that are not listed in our FAQ or if you’d feel more comfortable talking to someone directly, give us a call for assistance!