Senior Massage

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Understanding Senior Massage

Senior Massage, also known as Geriatric Massage, is an area of specialty that only some massage therapists offer.

What’s the difference between a regular massage and a Senior Massage? A Senior Massage is designed specifically to meet the needs of a specific population and to take their unique physical needs into consideration.

Senior Massage is based on the principle of tailoring basic massage techniques to meet the needs of seniors. For example, a massage therapist providing a Senior or Geriatric Massage will use specific techniques to manipulate the client’s soft tissue, improving blood circulation, relieve pain, and increase the range of motion in joints.

The following modifications have been made to traditional massage techniques to accommodate the specific needs of the elderly population:

  • Gentler hand motions
  • Shorter sessions
  • Passive movement of leg, foot, and shoulder joints
  • Gentle massage of un-inflamed joints of the feet and hands
  • Occasional use of stronger movements

Regular and frequent massages for seniors can ultimately improve their overall health, help maintain mobility, and decrease depression and anxiety. However, it is extremely important to receive a Senior Massage from someone that has completed at least 500+ hours of massage therapy training, passed the national certification exam from an accredited Massage Therapy program, and continued to receive training to keep their practice up-to-date.

Safety—As Important as Relaxation!

The senior population is at higher risk for contracting seasonal or other viruses. For this reason, any massage therapist providing this service must follow CDC guidelines using EPA approved products to clean and sanitize their office and massage space. For example, the staff at Carole Lilly Massage is thoroughly trained to disinfect and sanitize all areas of the office between clients. This includes door handles, light switches, countertops, pens, payment devices, massage equipment, treatment rooms, waiting rooms, and bathrooms. Massage tables and equipment are carefully disinfected between each client. Linens are washed using the warmest appropriate water setting and dried completely at a commercial facility. Our staff uses healthy hand hygiene using CDC recommended protocol, are required to wear face masks, and get daily health screenings before coming to work.

Senior Tuesdays at Carole Lilly Massage

At Carole Lilly Massage, Tuesdays are just for our higher risk population, including seniors! We save 1pm-7pm for seniors and those with medical or chronic health conditions. Anyone 65 years and over gets 10% off a therapeutic full session (1 hour) massage every Tuesday! If you want to relieve pain, increase mobility, or need support for a chronic medical condition—our therapeutic massage services are for you! Sessions include individualized assessments and session plans and take all of your needs into consideration.

Relax safely and enjoy a deeply relaxing massage with the highest of safety protocols here at Carole Lilly Massage. Click below to schedule an appointment, or give us a call.

-Carole and Your Carole Lilly Massage Team