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If you want to let go of stress, relieve muscle tension, and enjoy a full-body, deeply relaxing massage—our relaxation services are for you! Each massage includes your choice of essential oils and heated herbal towels to enhance your experience.

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It’s All About You Packages

Design an experience just for you. Spend an hour or an afternoon.


Our CLM Relaxation Massage plus choose two enhancements to create your perfect session.  Light to medium pressure.

Choose From:

  • Full Session – $155, 60 minutes
  • Extended Session – $200, 90 minutes

Enhnancements: Back Treatment, Scalp Massage, or Foot Treatment


Spend an afternoon with CLM! Start with a renewing body treatment and add the relaxing massage of your choice. Includes an after-session tray and take home gift.

  • 3 Hour Visit – $300

Choose From:

  • Body Treatments (Full Session): Happy Feet, Happy Hands, or CLM Body Wrap.
  • Massage (Extended Session): Hot Stone Massage, CLM Relaxation Massage, or Deep Tissue Massage.

Give us a call today to schedule a custom session.


Half Session: 30 minutes | Full Session: 1 hour | Extended Session: 1.5 hours

NEW! You & Me Couples

$220 Full Session | $320 Extended Session

Let go of day-to-day stresses as you experience our You and Me Couples package. Get the calm and relaxation you both deserve with a CLM relaxation massage using your preferred pressure AND an after session tray with chocolate.  Couples enjoy a relaxing massage at the same time, in separate rooms. 

Choose From:

  • Full Session for Two – $220, 60 minutes
  • Extended Session for Two – $320, 90 minutes

Give us a call to schedule your special couples session.


$130 Full Session | $185 Extended Session

The ultimate in relaxation! Esalen® Massage is a healing art form that is rhythmic and unique to each therapist. With long flowing strokes, slow muscle work, and gentle stretching, you’ll release tension and feel totally relaxed. Pressure varies.

  • ESALEN® is slower-paced and deeply relaxing!
  • It promotes client awareness.
  • This technique was developed at the Esalen® Institute in Big Sur, California.
  • There are only a handful of Esalen® practitioners in NC.
  • This is a good choice for anyone who wants to have some down time, get out of their head, and let go of day-to-day stresses.
  • ESALEN® is especially helpful for those with emotional trauma, as well as those wanting physical well-being.


$170 Extended Session

Enjoy the healing benefits of heat therapy. Your therapist combines smooth, heated basalt stones and light-to-medium Swedish massage to relieve sore muscles and encourage relaxation.
  • A hot stone massage is relaxing and grounding!
  • It blends Swedish massage and warm stones.
  • Your therapist uses light-to-medium pressure based on your needs.
  • If soaking in a warm bath or applying a warm pack helps your body release tension, then you’ll love our hot stone massage.
  • Carole Lilly Massage’s hot stone massage may help with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and boosting the immune system.


$150 Full Session

This summer, Carole Lilly Massage is offering a special that will help break the heat. Melt away stress and find your joy as you experience our Summer Bliss Package.

With the Summer Bliss Package, you get:

  • A targeted neck, back, and shoulder massage using your preferred pressure
  • Infused with uplifting citrus oils
  • Application of moist heat
  • A stress-reducing back wrap
  • Summer Bliss Take-Home Gift

All for $150 for the full, 60-minute session + the added extras!


$110 Full Session | $160 Extended Session

Experience our CLM relaxation massage with a medium-to-firm pressure. Your therapist uses slow moving, direct pressure in specific areas of holding combined with relaxation techniques to melt away tension.
  • Our deep tissue massage is deeply relaxing.
  • Deep tissue massage blends Swedish massage and deeper work.
  • This is not a good choice for your first massage.
  • Your therapist uses medium-to-firm pressure based on your needs.
  • Deep tissue massage is great if you want to relax, receive a full body massage, and reduce tension.


$100 Full Session | $145 Extended Session

Melt away stress, soothe tight muscles, and enjoy your favorite aroma. Using essential oils and Swedish massage, your therapist creates a massage experience that renews mind and body. Light-to-medium pressure.

  • This massage is incredibly relaxing!
  • Carole Lilly Massage’s relaxation massage blends Swedish massage, aromatherapy, and relaxation techniques.
  • Your therapist uses light-to-medium pressure based on your needs.
  • It’s a great fit if you want to relax, reduce stress, and take some time to care for yourself.
  • A good choice for your first massage.


$100 Full Session

Renew tired, overworked feet with a Happy Feet Massage. Your therapist combines exfoliation, hydration, and targeted foot massage that will put a spring in your step. NOT a full-body massage. Please wear loose-fitting clothing.
  • Our happy feet massage exfoliates and hydrates feet.
  • It blends Swedish massage, aromatherapy, and relaxation techniques.
  • Your therapist uses light-to-medium pressure based on your needs.
  • A great fit if you want to remain clothed and just remove socks and shoes.
  • This is a good choice for your first massage.

NEW! Happy Hands

$100 Full Session

Enjoy the healing benefits of heat therapy with a Happy Hands Massage. Your therapist combines a warm therapeutic wrap, deep hydration and relaxing hand massage that leaves your hands feeling soft and…happy! A great choice if you have pain from repetitive use or arthritis.

NOT a full-body massage. Please wear short sleeves.

NEW! CLM Body Wrap

$100 Full Session

Restore hydration and enjoy heathy skin with a CLM Body Wrap. Includes exfoliation, wrap and a half hour massage that will restore skin’s healthy glow.

NOT a full-body massage. Light to medium pressure.

NEW! Stretch Me

$65 Half Session

Improve your range of motion and boost your muscle flexibility and strength with our Stretch Me session. Your therapist uses passive stretching techniques from Thai massage, Sports Massage and Esalen massage to increase athletic performance. Great to receive before or after a full-body massage.

Please wear loose fitting athletic clothing.


$120 Full Session

Our CLM relaxation massage is adapted for the ultimate comfort. Your therapist uses pregnancy positioning, a nurturing touch, and tension relieving techniques to bring balance and deep relaxation.
  • Pregnancy massage promotes relaxation and tension relief!
  • We implement pregnancy positioning for maximum comfort and safety.
  • Those with normal, low-risk pregnancies can benefit greatly from massage.
  • However, those with high-risk pregnancies should consult with their doctor or midwife before beginning a massage therapy program.
  • Our pregnancy massage uses light-to-medium pressure based on your needs.
  • This massage is a great fit if you’re in the second or third trimester.


Our enhancements may be included with your Esalen, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue or CLM Relaxation Massage. No additional time is added to the service.

Each enhancement is $30 per massage.

Give us a call to add an enhancement to your session.

NEW! Hydrating Back Treatment

Nourish your back with moist heat, warm body butter and focused massage.

NEW! Stress Less Scalp Massage

Enjoy down time, get out of your head, and let go of day-to-day stresses with our scalp massage enhancement.

NEW! Renewing Foot Treatment

Add some quick relief between hiking or exploring with a relaxing treatment for feet.



Office Hours: Our Sylva location is open Tuesday-Friday, 1 p.m. – 7 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. by appointment only. Tuesdays are reserved for scheduling seniors and immunocompromised clients.

Scheduling: We recommend making your appointment in advance to ensure availability. A credit card or gift card number is required to hold your reservation. When scheduling online or by phone, please let us know if you are pregnant, under a doctor’s care, or have a specific massage goal. 


Please provide 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Carole Lilly Massage reserves the right to charge for any service not cancelled within this time.


Gratuities are not included in your service and are most appreciated.


COVID-19: With the health and safety of our clients and staff as our top priority, Carole Lilly Massage has modified our protocols. Please read our blog to learn about these important updates.

Preparing For Your Visit: Each client receives an appointment confirmation when they schedule. New clients should complete CLM forms and confirm online before they arrive.

Arrive 5 minutes before your appointment to allow time to check in and begin relaxing. We ask that you turn off or silence cell phones before entering the building.

Please give us a call if you are running behind. Arriving late will limit your session time and the full value of your service will be charged.


As Clients: Clients under 18 years of age must have parental consent for massage. We ask that a parent accompany their child into the treatment room during their session.

As Visitors: For all our clients to completely enjoy their session, please arrange for childcare if your child is not receiving a service.


Gift Cards may be purchased in our office, over the phone, or securely online for a dollar amount, a particular service, or special package.

Gift Cards are non-refundable. Please mention when scheduling and present your card at the time of service.


Payment Policy: the preferred form of payment is a credit card or online payment through your Carole Lilly Massage account. Just let a staff member know if you’d like to add a type of payment to your account. Receipts may also be emailed.

We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards (MasterCard and Visa). Payment is due at the time of your session.

Returns and Refunds: Services and gift cards are non-refundable. Retail products may be returned for retail store credit within 30 days of purchase if the items are unopened, in original packaging and receipt is provided.


We do not file medical insurance at this time. If you have a letter of medical necessity and referral for massage from your doctor, we’ll be glad to provide a signed receipt for your filing. If you would like to pay using your NC Flexible Spending Account Card, please let us know. Contact our office at 828-507-9581 for more information.


I just had surgery. How soon can I come in?
Depending on the type of surgery, we typically ask that you wait 6-8 weeks after your surgery before scheduling a massage. This gives your body time to heal without adding more to integrate. It’s also best to get your doctor’s approval for a massage. Myofascial Release and CranioSacral Therapy are gentle approaches which can be beneficial during your recovery from surgery.

This is my first massage, what can I expect?
We are honored you’ve chosen to visit us for your first massage. When you come in, you’ll complete some paperwork and discuss your massage goals with your therapist. Your goals may include relaxation or releasing areas where your body is holding tension. Feel free to ask your therapist any questions you may have. You’ll then be given privacy to undress to your comfort level, lay down on the massage table and cover up. The therapist will knock before entering to ensure you’re ready. During your session, the therapist will undrape or uncover an area of your body (like your back), apply oil and massage using varying pressure and then cover the area again. Please let your therapist know if you want to adjust or stop the massage for any reason. Your therapist will let you know when the session is over. You’ll dress in privacy and that’s it. We suggest scheduling a Carole Lilly Custom Relaxation Massage (Full Session) for your first massage.

I’m pregnant, can I get a massage?
Yes, in fact you may find a massage will help you relax and relieve some of the pain/tension in your joints as your body changes. If you are in a high-risk pregnancy, we ask that you consult your doctor or midwife before your massage.

I’m training for a marathon, when should I come in for a massage?
We recommend scheduling a therapeutic or sports massage immediately after a sporting event, but not more than 2-3 days before your next event. This will give your body enough time to integrate the massage for optimum performance. Massage can help reduce recovery time by reducing muscle tension, relieving swelling and preventing soreness after an event.

I injured my back today. Can I come in for a massage?
It’s best to get your doctor’s approval before coming in for a massage. Depending on the type of injury, we typically ask that you wait 2-4 days before scheduling with us. Deeper work may encourage inflammation and should be avoided until the body’s natural inflammation response has had a chance to do its job. Myofascial Release and CranioSacral Therapy are gentle approaches that can support your back as it heals.

How often should I get a massage? When should I come back?
At Carole Lilly Massage, we suggest that you schedule your next appointment based on your availability (schedule/time) and budget (money). If you want to come on a regular basis as part of your self-care regimen, we suggest setting up appointments at regular intervals. Schedule these closer together in the beginning – weekly or twice a month at first – and then move to monthly maintenance. Some clients will want to continue to come weekly or twice a month as they feel better receiving massage on a regular basis. We encourage you to recognize whatever interval of time works best for you.

Can you go deeper?
Deep work is offered only after the client’s body opens to it; rather than through force. Our massage therapists are skilled at reading your body’s response to additional pressure and will check-in often. Deep work is followed by relaxing integration strokes, reuniting the freed up area with the rest of the body, and expanding the release.

Will I be draped (covered with sheets) during my massage?
Yes, the state of North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy requires all massage therapists provide draping during your massage session.

Are there any sessions where I stay dressed?
Yes, you will wear comfortable, loose clothing during Chair Massage, Happy Feet and CranioSacral Therapy. You have the option to wear shorts and a t-shirt during Myofascial Release sessions.

Do I have to use the face cradle?
Not at all; you can feel free to turn your head to one side while lying on the table, instead of using the face cradle. Many clients find that face cradles generally allow for more neck comfort, and allow your muscles to relax and release in a more balanced/aligned way. At Carole Lilly Massage, please choose whichever works best for you.

Do you sell products at Carole Lilly Massage?
Yes, we provide many of the great products (e.g., sheets, eye pillows, neck pillows, Cryoderm, massage oils, etc.) which we use during your session. These can assist you in relaxing, releasing muscle tension or relieving pain at home. Ask your therapist or the Front Desk Staff for suggestions or product information.

What has changed with masking?

The CDC recently released a statement that universal masking in healthcare facilities is no longer required – making masking optional for clients and staff.  Hospitals and long-term care facilities may require universal masking in areas of high COVID-19 transmission.

How do you accommodate clients that are at high risk?

Every Tuesday is for clients that are high risk. If you book on Tuesday, it’s the first day that we are back in office. A deep clean has been performed over the weekend. There are fewer therapists in the office on Tuesdays (at this time) to keep client traffic low for high-risk clients. We recommend that you book on a Tuesday if you want to ensure maximum precautions.

Is the therapist comfortable if I don’t wear a mask?

Yes! It is optional for clients and staff to wear masks. We hold no judgement towards our clients choice and are happy to wear a mask, if requested by the client.

Don’t see your question? Please email or call us and we’ll be happy to help.