Making OUR 13th YOUR lucky day!

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Announcements

13 years ago, Carole Lilly Massage started with Carole working in one small treatment room.  We have grown rapidly since then – expanding our office suite, growing our team of therapists and office staff, and bringing our Massage to Go services to our community.

“In 1996, I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis—a cousin to Rheumatoid. My joints and body began to hurt most of the time, despite shots and medication. I found that if I got up and moved, I felt better. If I got a massage on a regular basis, I felt even better. I wanted to share this enthusiasm for feeling my best with others, so in 2008 I founded Carole Lilly Massage.

I started offering therapeutic massage sessions in a small treatment room all by myself. I began taking as many advanced massage courses as I could and brought these new techniques back to my sessions where my clients began seeing great results. This sparked a lifelong passion for education and a “beginner’s mind” curiosity in my approach to massage.

Currently, I support clients in areas of relaxation, pain relief and ongoing maintenance. Some of my favorite styles of massage include Esalen Massage, Therapeutic Massage and Myofascial Release. Today, we have grown and expanded into our larger home at the McGuire Health Building with a diverse group of massage therapists and services. Our family of therapists share my passion and devotion to advanced massage training and practice.”-Carole Lilly

Over the years, we’ve learned from every client and tailored our services to meet their needs.  That’s why we say, “It’s all about you!”  As a result, it feels like we are on the perfect path.

While the number 13 is not usually considered a lucky one…in our case (and yours!) … is!

To celebrate 13 beautiful years of service, we want to share with all of you, our loyal and wonderful clients, an exclusive once a year event… our Anniversary sale!

We are offering this sale by phone or curbside pick-up.  The sale is on multiple services and items that we offer.  When you purchase a gift card, you can choose a dollar amount or favorite service and get 50% off a 2nd card of equal or lesser value! Our Comphy Sheets are 10% off AND we are offering a 10-25% discount on select relaxing and therapeutic products.

These sale prices are only valid September 1-4, 2021. Our phone lines are open for ordering from 1:00 pm-5:00 pm during the sale dates. This sale is exclusive to friends, family, and clients of CLM.  All calls will be answered at the time they are received. Any messages will be responded to in the order they were received.

Don’t miss out on celebrating all the GOOD that comes with our 13th Anniversary!  Thank you all for your love, support, and trust! We couldn’t have made it this far without every single one of you!  We are happy, excited, and grateful to be able to share our good fortune with you!