Gifting Massage Is Love

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The best part about giving gifts is that they do not always have to be around the holidays! We can show our loved ones just how special they are to us anytime. Have you been wondering what gifts you can offer those you care most about? Treat the people on your list by giving the gift of massage!

Here are 8 reasons why gifting a massage equals love!

1. The gift of stress relief. Life can get busy with work, schedules, and everything in between. Massage helps to calm the nervous system and assists in the release of serotonin and dopamine – which help you feel more relaxed. A professional massage not only supports physical well-being but also provides a calm space to support your mental and emotional health.

2.  The gift of self- love. We all know how important it is to take care of ourselves, but often it’s hard to find the time. Gifting a massage gives your loved one permission to have complete and total relaxation, without the extra steps. A massage session sends your loved one the message, “I’m here to help you take care of you.”

3.  The gift of convenience. A massage gift card allows people to spend quality time with themselves at a time that is convenient for them! At CLM, finding the right gift card for yourself or a loved one is just as convenient with online, phone, or in-person purchasing. Redeeming a gift card is even easier with convenient online booking through our website!

4.  The gift of pain relief. Massage makes the body feel better by increasing circulation, improving flexibility, and relieving chronic pain and tension. Massage has also been shown to be effective for chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. The pain-relieving effects of massage may help you get back to enjoying life and your favorite activities.

5.  The gift of a mood boost or improved sleep. Not only does your body move into a more relaxed state during massage, but adding aromatherapy to your session may aid in an even deeper state of relaxation. Lavender essential oils are said to improve sleep quality. By pairing our Young Living lavender essential oil with your relaxation session, you may just wake up the next day feeling refreshed and new.

6.  The gift of heart health. Massage has been found to reduce heart rate and to have a lasting, positive effect on both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. There are few gifts that say, “I truly care about you and your health” like the gift of massage.

7.  The gift of awareness. Massage helps us let go of holding patterns. It encourages slowing down and focusing on our breath which can help us let go of stress and anxiety. During a session, we begin to feel our bodies relax and drop fully down onto the massage table bringing an awareness to tension in the neck, shoulder, or some other part of the body. At CLM, our therapeutic massage therapists bring awareness of breath and postural holding patterns as part of each session. Once you are aware, you can change a pattern.

8.  A massage gift card is appropriate to give to anyone. You can give a massage to nearly anyone for any reason! You can gift a massage to your spouse, your family members, teachers, coworkers, or even your Secret Santa recipient – you really can’t go wrong. It’s a lovely gift that’s guaranteed to receive a grateful response.

Skip the stress of trying to find the “perfect” gift. A massage or a gift card from Carole Lilly massage is a gift that keeps on giving and truly shows how much you care!  We think the best part about these gift ideas is that they are perfect all year round. When you are thinking of those outstanding people in your life, taking their health into account will always be something they will remember!

We want to be a lifelong partner for your health and wellness goals. Everything at Carole Lilly Massage is designed to meet your (and your loved one’s) needs. Your health, safety, and wellness is our top priority.

Contact us online or at 828-507-9581 to buy a gift card or ask any questions about our services.

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